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How to buy a property in Spain

This is the main question one has to ask when about to embark on the search for a property. Lets answer some frequently asked questions: What type of properties will I find ?; Can I view the properties as many times as I wish ?; Can I make an offer to the owner ?; Can I ask for a survey before I buy the property ?; What is the difference between a Notary and a Lawyer in Spain ?; will I need to open a bank account in Spain ?; will I need any identification number to buy a property because I am a foreigner ?. How does the whole purchase procedure work in Spain ?. Lets see the answers to these questions. (»up)

What type of properties will I find ?
The first step recommended is that you clarify the minimum requirements that you would like your ideal property to comprise of, the location, and features. At the beginning of the procedure you might find it a bit difficult seeing as you may not be aware of the current prices and locations. We recommend that you have a look at our website to learn what’s what. You will be able to see the variety of properties available; you will find town apartments ( 2 to 5 kms from the beach); apartments on the beach (50 and 300 ms away from the beach), traditional village houses (called in Spanish: “casas de pueblo”which usually are located in the historic part of the town); modern town houses and semidetached houses (called in Spanish: “adosados” and “pareados” which usually are usually built on the outskirts of the town); and detached houses (also called “villas” or “chalets” usually located in residential estates not far from the main town ).
If you would like more information, just email us to ask about the property market and we will be only too glad to get back to you.
Once you have approximately an idea of what you would like, we will be very pleased to help you obtain the desired property. We will then show you all the properties that match your criteria. Sometimes “that” type of property at “that” price range may only be found further inland than our base of operation; then what we would do is to start a search using our database shared with all our colleagues in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. (»up)

Can I view the properties as many times as I wish ?
After we have informed you about the properties that match your criteria and you have selected those you would like to view, we will make the arrangements for you to view them as many times as you require. We fully understand that only one visit is not enough to ensure a purchase and that is why we will be only too happy to arrange visits as many times as you feel is necessary. (»up)

Can I make an offer to the owner ?
If you have found a suitable property and you want to go ahead with the purchase, you make an offer and we will pass it on to the owner. Once the owner and you have agreed to a price, the purchase procedure starts. (»up)

Can I ask for a survey before I buy the property ?
Before going ahead with the purchase, it would be quite normal for you to want to know the general state of the property in question and therefore would like to have a survey done by a surveyor written in English.. We will help you by suggesting some surveyors we know and the fees they charge. (»up)

What is the diference between a Notary and a Lawyer ?
Lawyers must not be confused with Notaries. Notaries and Lawyers are different. The Notary function is to be an impartial witness to the signing of all public documents before their inscription in the “Registro de la Propiedad” (property registry). It is the responsibility of the Notary to verify the current title; to make the new title deeds of the property and read it out in front of both sellers and buyers before giving good faith that all is in order. He also receives the Transfer Tax (“I.T.P.A.J.D.”) on behalf of the Spanish Tax Authorities. He is a Public Worker.
Private lawyers act on favour of their clients. They will check the legal situation of the property.
Although it is not absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer in Spain, the lawyer will always help you with all the paperwork required and will make an independent report of the legal situation of the property. We can also suggest some Spanish English speaking lawyers that work in this area. (»up)

Will I need to open a bank account ?
Another step to be followed is the opening of a bank account. You will need it to transfer the money to Spain. We are here to advise you about the Spanish banks whose staff can speak English, German, French or other languages, also our job will be to advise on how to go about opening a bank account, give information regarding mortgages and all the other services the banks have on offer. (»up)

Will I need any identification number to buy a property ?
As you already probably know: any European citizen who wishes to buy a property in Spain must apply for the Foreigner Identity Number (“Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero: NIE). This NIE is necessary to pay the State the taxes derived from the purchase of any property. We will also help you with all the paperwork to obtain this Foreigner Identity Number that will be drawn up by the national Police (Policia Nacional). (»up)

How is the whole Purchase Procedure ?
Once you have found a property that suits your requirements and you wish to buy and you don’t want to risk having someone else buying it before then the following steps must be taken. Firstly you will need to sign the “Reserve Purchase Contract” (written in Spanish and English) by both the vendor and the buyer. At this point the buyers must give 1% of the sales price (in euros) to the sellers. This way you will ensure that the property has been reserved for you only and can´t be sold to anybody else.
The second step is to sign the “Purchase Contract” within the following 10 days. The purchase contract states that 9% of the sale price will be given to the sellers of the property on the signing of this document. It is from this moment that the property is considered to have been SOLD. Then, completion will be arranged for a date suitable to both parties depending on the individual circumstances of the vendors and buyers, which usually is between 1 and 2 months.
The buyers and the sellers must know that the Spanish Law states: “At the time the Reserve Purchase Contract and the Purchase Contract are signed the amount of money handed over by the buyers is considered “Arras” as the Spanish “Código Civil” states in its article number 1,454”; what this means is: “that in the case that either party change their mind, the buyers will forfeit their deposit and in the case of the sellers backing out, it is they who will have to pay to the prospective buyers twice the amount of money which has previously been paid to them”.On the day of completion, the sellers, the buyers, the lawyer of the buyers (in the case that you have decided to hire one), and us, will meet with the “Notario” in the “Notaria” office.
The Notary is responsible for ensuring that the property has no outstanding debts, which could be passed on to the buyer, and will request from “El Registro de la Propiedad” (Property Registry) a certificated document stating that this is the case.
The buyers must give the rest of the sale price to the sellers (the price less 10% that has already been given); and the sellers must give the keys and possession of the property to the buyers.
Once this is completed and everybody has shaken hands the purchase procedure is “almost” finished, it is finalised once the nearest bar has been found, in order to have a celebratory drink!!!.
You must know that in the entire purchase procedure we will be with you helping you to answer all your questions translating for you and providing constant help and advice. (»up)

What else can we do for you…?
You have already bought your Mediterranean property but our work still continues: We want to make sure that your transition into your new life in Spain is made easier. Therefore we also provide a wide after sales service, arranging for you, the transfer of the electricity, water, telephone, the council rates, contracts into your name and set up standing orders at your bank for their payments.
We can also recommend efficient local specialists in plumbing, electricity, building, and reforming.
We will accompany you to go The Town Hall if you wish to be registered as a Spanish Resident and we will also provide all the information you need in order to be registered in our National Health Service if you need it.
Come to our office as many times as you need to. (»up)

Where is our office ?
Our office is located right in the centre of the town of Oliva in the Province of Valencia. Our town is in between the towns of Denia and Gandía. To be more exact, it is on the national road N-332 which goes through Oliva. We are on the right-hand side if you are coming from Valencia, and on the left-hand-side if you are coming from Alicante.
The shortest and quickest way to reach Oliva from Valencia Airport or from Alicante Airport is to take the motorway (Autopista) A7 and turn off at the exit nº 61 which will lead you on to the national road 332. Then, Oliva is only 0.5km away from the exit 61. (»up)

Hotels and places to stay ?
We show you some addresses of Hotels in Oliva and Gandia to stay at reasonable prices. (»up)


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