Who is www.olivahouses.com?

Corporative Informationwww. olivahouses.com is the website in English  of the Spanish Registered Real Estate Agent Salvador Millet  with the registration number 1,188 in the “Colegio de los Agentes de la propiedad inmobiliaria de Valencia, España” ( The Networking Team of API registered Estate Agents). This means that all the members of this body are qualified professionals who are bound by a professional code of conduct and must have an insurance of civil responsibility for their professional performance.

We collaborate with more than 700 other registered estate agents in Spain and especially those located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast; we all share the same database of information and this enables us to look for any kind of property in any part of Spain, particularly in the Valencian, Alicante and Castellon Provinces. The office of the company Millet  Estate Agents is located in the town of Oliva, the address is as follows:

Ctra. Del Convent, 21, 46780 OLIVA, Valencia, Spain

This Spanish company has been established since 1996 and has probably one of the finest reputations in this sector.


What can we offer our clients?

First and foremost we are able to provide what we consider  accurate, reliable and full information about the property market,  information concerning the type of properties, the different prices, different locations,  mortgages, the banks with the best offers and the best conditions; lawyers, surveyors, legal advice   etc….

Corporative InformationWe do know that the information is the key factor in order to find a good opportunity in the right place and at the right time, so therefore we will help you by providing all the information that you will need depending on your requirements.

In addition to all this information we can offer you on our website  www.olivahouses.com a wide range of  properties located in this area which is called: “La Safor ”.in the “Costa del Azahar” next to the “Costa Blanca”. All the properties that we manage directly, are within 50-60 minutes of our base in Oliva. As we collaborate with our colleagues in Valencia, Alicante y Castellón we are also able to search for any property further north, south and inland.


Tiempo Oliva

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