• Urban and rustic property valuations. The licensed “API” Salvador Millet is a valuation technician who is officially recognised as a member of the Judicial Administration Consultancy enabling him to make:

- Court Procedure Valuations with legal capacity to make reports for the Council, Community and Central Administration.

- Inheritance Valuations to help with the difficult task of splitting inheritance.

- Simple Valuation of your properties at current market value.

• Lettings, purchase contracts and taxation consultations.

• Any paperwork which involves dealing with Administration departments such as Notary, Land Registry, “Catastro” (the main Spanish property register), Town Hall or any other Public Department.

• Help with the change-over of utilities into your name after purchase.

• Architect certificates.

• “Cedulas de Habitabilidad” first and second use.

• Quotations for renovations to buildings recommending the best professionals in these areas.

• We represent the main banks in Spain and can also offer repossessed properties, help with all the mortgage procedures when financing is needed, offering the best financial conditions.


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